Fortune Magazine Recognizes OrgVitality client PepsiCo as Breeding Ground for Future CEOs

What’s PepsiCo’s secret ingredient when it comes to creating so many leaders?

Fortune Magazine recently recognized OrgVitality client PepsiCo as a breeding ground for future CEOs, noting the long list of current Fortune 500 company heads who got their start at the beverage and snack foods behemoth. The magazine asked a basic question: What’s PepsiCo’s secret ingredient when it comes to creating so many leaders?

While success in attracting and developing leadership potential rarely rests on one secret ingredient, both the magazine and PepsiCo’s chief human resources officer, Ronald Schellekens zeroed in on a key element: It’s all about a highly developed, well-oiled system that identifies and intensively develops “high-performers” within the company.

PepsiCo’s rigorous executive leadership program currently includes various development initiatives and feedback assessments.

OrgVitality built and administers those several core measurement tools, enabling PepsiCo to strategically identify and develop top performers. Developing your high performers and giving them a vision of their future is integral to ensuring strong retention, succession planning, and creating a culture of innovation and growth. Plus, it helps attract the next generation of talent.

While Fortune may be on the hunt for the “one secret ingredient,” having both robust talent management initiatives as well as an optimized organizational culture will help ensure that both an organization, and the people inside, thrive.

In particular, studies have suggested that developed top performers make good things happen for organizations. In other words, it’s no surprise that a company that invests in developing its high performers creates a critical talent pool for themselves as well as a talent pool that is attractive to other leading organizations. This becomes a virtuous cycle as word gets out that your organization is not only a good place to work, but also a good place to come from, attracting the best and the brightest of the next generation. Read the full Fortune Magazine article here.


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