The Value-Optimized Intelligent Comment Extractor with our proprietary Smart UQ© technology

Do More with Your Comments

The OV VOICE is a unique prioritization score that focuses leadership on the most actionable comments. The OV VOICE automatically assigns a UQ, or Usefulness Quotient, to every comment. The higher the UQ, the more likely the comment is meaningful and actionable. Research shows that the UQ is one of the best tools for measuring comments in native languages.

Gain the Ability to Sort by UQ Score

OV Voice enables leaders to filter through open-ended comments at scale. Comments can be distributed to leaders who want to hear ideas from the front line, or special interest groups who need to hear clear feedback from the VOICE of the employee.

The OV VOICE is an effective, scalable tool that helps leading organizations not just manage their vast swaths of comments, but focus on the ones that give the most insight.

Usefulness Quotient

Research show that managers who receive high UQ comments are able to improve quantitative scores on key topics such as client focus, engagement, change management, innovation, and so much more over those who receive less useful comments, likely lost in a mound of comments with no direction. Prioritizing comments for usefulness directly impacts action and, ultimately, improvement.

Recent studies found that the UQ is valid and reliable in relating to Subject Matter Expert (SME) human usefulness ratings across 13 languages. Additionally, the UQ is more accurate when applied to comments written in their original language compared to those translated into English, saving organizations from going through expensive, time-intensive translation processes.

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