Navigating Your Workforce Today

A Suite of Free Pulse Surveys

Challenging times call upon all of us to do our part; for OrgVitality, this means helping organizations support employees during times of transition. We are pleased to offer the following surveys free of charge to any organization, client or not, who wants the opportunity to check in with employees, solicit feedback, and ensure that messages from leadership are getting through.

Inclusion & Diversity Survey

This survey is meant to help organizations hear from all employees with diverse demographics, including race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, and age. Items include issues such as belonging, safety, equal opportunities, and trust in leadership. This survey includes an open-ended item so that employees can add anything they feel is important for leadership to hear.

Anti-Racist Organization Survey

Systemic racism is prevalent in our culture, institutions, and organizations of all kinds. This survey is for any company who wants to solicit feedback to better understand the workplace culture, minority support, and racial relations within the organization.

Employee Well-Being & Business Resilience Survey

Launched immediately after the COVID-19 crisis first told hold of the nation, this survey measures how employees are faring, and gives them a chance to share their situation or concerns with leadership.

Readiness to Return

As more organizations move to bring employees back to the workplace, this survey will help you understand the specific concerns of your employees throughout every stage of the return-to-work process, while also ensuring that employees feel supported and heard by leadership.


Once employees are back, assess their re-integration into the workplace.

Workplace Safety

Based on CDC guidelines, this survey measures how employees think both the organization and their co-workers are handling health and safety issues.

Work Processes

As the “new” normal continues to evolve, this pulse survey will be critical to measure employees ongoing feelings about the working environment, the organization’s long-term sustainability, and team performance.

Virtual Teams Assessment

Whether your entire team is remote or if you have a hybrid at-work and at-home team, this survey will help managers understand how effectively the team is working, recognize areas of strengths, and identify any challenge spots.

K-12 Return to School Surveys for Parents & Staff

These are two separate surveys that school districts can send to parents, teachers, administrators, and other staff members to solicit feedback around issues of re-opening and remote learning.