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Our multi-rater platforms deliver insights to foster employee development.

Today’s organizations are challenged with making sure leaders have competencies they need to deal with today’s complex, ever-evolving environment. Managers are increasingly working with complex team structures – cross-functional, global, virtual – and they need to understand what is most effective.

180 and 360 multi-rater platforms deliver powerful insights to foster better employee development based on the competencies that matter most to your organization. 180s provide valuable feedback to managers from their direct reports, whereas 360s provide a more in-depth perspective from directs, peers, and even customers.

Included Features

Intelligent Dashboards

Users have the power to create, launch, monitor, or change any action, as well as enroll users, approve raters, and send nudges.

Capabilities at Your Fingertips

Users can download and email activity reports to see who has started a 180 or 360, who has completed it, and who launched an action plan.

Easy and Intuitive

Seamless process for raters, with a mobile adaptive system that makes it easy to complete anytime, pausing and resuming as needed.

Automatic Nudges

Built-in tools detect whether ratings are artificially high – and nudge the user to consider whether the feedback is accurate and helpful.

AI-backed Action Tools

Powerful tool focuses managers on the areas that are most important in their development, providing specific, actionable steps.


Integration of multi-rater assessments with other organizational effectiveness projects, giving you a clear picture of your landscape.

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