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75% of companies with the highest level of internal services survey their stakeholders.

Internal departments such as human resources, finance, law, supply chain and IT are critical to an organization’s overarching success. Our powerful ICX survey platform helps these departments maximize the value they bring to the company.

Included Features

Clarify the C-Suite Perspective

We glean critical insights from senior leaders regarding the role of the function, the value it adds to the business, where improvement is needed, and how it must adapt to future challenges.

Identify Strengths and Blind Spots

A company-wide Voice of the Customer survey of managers identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement – with a direct impact on the bottom line.

Gain a Departmental 360 Perspective

Get feedback from your team, including an ACE Profile to measure alignment, capabilities, and engagement.

Rank the Most Powerful Value Drivers

Advanced analytics identify what has the most impact on stakeholders’ judgement of value.

Action with Impact

A forward-thinking, structured, collaborative process for prioritization and action planning to improve internal services and deliver greater value.

Evidence-Based Value

Research shows that improving internal value delivery helps your stakeholders raise productivity, improve service and quality, and drive down costs.

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