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Our algorithm-powered action planning dashboard directs managers to the items that will have the most impact, while our consultants provide top tier level help for those organizations who want a higher level of service.

Our tools are built for one purpose: Help your managers live up to their own good intentions. Our comment analysis tool, the OV VOICE, instantly sorts comments by how useful and actionable they are, while our action algorithm directs managers to specific items most likely to lead to improvement. Well-timed nudges and built-in accountability keep managers on track. Plus, a holistic OrgView dashboard that enables HR superusers to see the complete landscape within the organization.

For those who want a more hands on approach, we offer executive coaching to help leaders understand their feedback, identify areas for development, and create specific steps to reach their goals.

OV iPad Action support

Our Action Tools Include

AI-Powered Action at Scale

Our proprietary algorithms provide data-based action prioritization, targeting specific items most likely to lead to drive change, identifying the most actionable comments, and more.

Focusing Attention on What Matters Most

Our Nudge Engine helps managers live up to their own best intentions; with an automatic function that reminds managers to focus on tasks, holds them accountable, and drives change.

Custom Built Action Libraries

Our consultants work to understand your specific strategic priorities and provide you with an action library built to help managers act by giving them clear and insightful ways to create impact.

Powerful HR Capabilities

The HR project team is a strong ally when it comes to action. Our database gives them all the capabilities they need to see across the organization, download reports, nudge users, and more.

Fusion of Science & Technology

Behavioral research combined with powerful survey technology to deliver more targeted results through nudges and other AI-powered tools.

Comment Analysis at Scale

The OV VOICE is a proprietary algorithm that instantly identifies the most actionable comments so that leaders can focus on what will have the greatest impact. Plus, it works in any language.

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