Action Suite

Automated tools to keep your organization’s change efforts on track

Action Planner

Action Planner

Prioritized items and concrete next steps

Help managers focus their action efforts on the three areas that are most likely to have an impact if the manager chooses to work on them. The system is customized for each client, and take into account your strategic priorities.

Action Tracker

Action Tracker

Oversee activity across the organization

Project teams get a holistic view of everything happening within the organization – from who has opened their reports, started or completed Action Plans, and more

Manager Academy

Post-results training, simplified

Help managers act on survey results with our curated 8-week email digest. These “tidbits,” delivered at the right time, better enable managers to take meaningful action.

Ping Nudger


Nudge Managers, Drive Action

Our automated tool sends timely notifications to help keep managers on track with their action efforts.


AI-powered comment analysis tool

The OV VOICE is our AI-powered comment analysis tool that instantly sorts your comments by how useful, or actionable, they are so leadership can review comments at scale more easily. The OV VOICE works on comments in any language.


The OrgVitality Difference

A unique fusion of powerful technology and scientific consulting – deployed so that you can do more with your data, easily.