Fireside Chat Series with Thought Leaders from Dell, PepsiCo, Caterpillar, Eli Lilly, and MiTek


Fireside Chat with Allan Church, Former Global Talent Executive at PepsiCo

Organizational Development Today: The Transformation of Employee Surveys, Talent Management, and Other Human Resource Efforts

Industry experts Allan Church, PhD, and Jeffrey Saltzman, MA, each have over 30 years of experience in organizational development employee listening; listen to their in-depth discussion on the most recent industry trends, including how global events continue to impact organizational efforts. In this unscripted conversation, Allan and Jeff share their perspectives on the current state of organizational development, offer practical advice for current survey practitioners, and answer audience questions.




Fireside Chat with Eli Lilly’s Senior Director of Global Talent Science, Meghan Lowry

Maximizing Impact: A Case of Prioritizing HR Metrics, Survey, and Org Research Efforts

The listening landscape is vast, and it’s easy to become stretched too thin by all the possibilities and trends. It’s a common concern: With all that one can do within the organization, what should get done? There is the mix of large-scale projects, support to others’ work, and general consulting. Do you focus your efforts on major metrics and assessments, or offer support for time-sensitive issues? Meghan Lowery, PhD, Senior Director, Global Talent Science at Eli Lilly, speaks with Scott Brooks, PhD, on how she balances the competing demands on her time. She shares first-hand stories of managing measurement goals while working within the normal pressure of organizational concerns and timely external forces.




Fireside Chat with Caterpillar’s VP of Global Learning & Development, Kelly Wojda

Engaging Stakeholders: Harnessing the Power of Survey Data to Drive Business Outcomes

Join Kelly Wojda, Vice President of Global Learning & Development at Caterpillar, as she speaks with OrgVitality CEO Jeffrey Saltzman about the challenge of embedding survey data within organizational initiatives and decision-making. She shares first-hand stories of her work at Caterpillar, including current efforts and future goals.




Fireside Chat with MiTek’s VP of Global Talent Management, Chris Rotolo, PhD

MiTek’s Strategic Development of Their Talent Management Program

If you had a blank slate, with all the possible talent management and other HR programs and systems to create and maintain, where do you start? That’s the question addressed by Chris Rotolo, Vice President of Global Talent Management at MiTek, in OrgVitality’s fireside chat web series. Join Chris as he speaks with OrgVitality CEO Jeffrey Saltzman on how he is building a robust talent management program within his organization. Whether you are starting from scratch in your own organization or improving an existing program, Chris’s experience should provide a lens to help you bring your talent programs to the next level.




Fireside Chat with Dell’s Head of People Insights & Assessments, Stephanie Murphy, PhD

How Dell Technologies Created a Robust Research Strategy

Survey practitioners depend on a deep background in robust statistics and research methods. Yet to make our work implementable and actionable within an organization, it also needs to be approachable for everyday managers. Join Stephanie Murphy, PhD, Head of People Insights and Assessments at Dell Technologies, as she speaks with OrgVitality’s Victoria Hendrickson, PhD about how her team has crafted a research strategy to work with their larger employee listening landscape.


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