Press Release: Amanda May Dundas made OrgVitality Partner & Vice President

It is with great pleasure that I write to you today to announce that Amanda Dundas was made a partner at OrgVitality. Amanda started her career with us as the editor of Creating The Vital Organization, a book that Scott Brooks and I wrote. In that role, she became coach, referee, timeline enforcer, and, as we soon came to realize, indispensable. After the book was complete, Amanda shifted to lead the marketing and communications areas for us. She proved herself once again to be indispensable, but this time to our overall success as a firm. I am thrilled that we have been able to recognize her contributions to our success by making her a partner of the firm.

Amanda came to OrgVitality from the media industry where she had 20 years of experience writing for national magazines, newspapers, online publications, and television news programs. She graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in English and Comparative Literature.

“The contributions Amanda has made to OrgVitality have been energetic, innovative, and essential,” adds Dr. Scott Brooks. “Her ability to articulate and refine OV’s message and point-of-view have been remarkable. Amanda always approaches each challenge with intelligence, spirit, and grace, and I am thrilled she has become a partner of the firm.”

“Amanda has been a tremendous asset to OV since day one,” says Susie Maher. “She has reshaped our company through her editing, communications, writing and marketing talents and taken us to another level. The dedication and passion Amanda shows at work is invaluable and OrgVitality would not be where it is today without her contributions.”

With her new role, Amanda will continue to oversee the firm’s marketing and communications strategies, as well as spearhead new business development initiatives designed to bring OrgVitality’s special fusion of science-led consulting and powerful technology products to a wider audience.

“Amanda has made enormous contributions to OV and has been especially helpful with my work in the firm,” says Dr. Walter Reichman. “She not only creates and innovates in her own right, but she has the wonderful ability to take something that is already in existence and develop it, enlarge it, enhance it and create over it to make it more desirable and useful than we ever though it could be.”

“Amanda has been instrumental in leading our go-to-market strategy and honing our collective organizational voice,” says Dr. Victoria Hendrickson. “Between defining our external presence, developing new business, and supporting clients in developing strategic communications, she has been key to our continued growth and success. I am excited for all of us at OV to continue to learn and benefit from Amanda’s expertise as she takes on this role.”


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